I had this dream once that by using my voice in a particular way I could open this secret gate that had been locked for years.

I began wondering, what if the sounds of our voices moved energy in such a way that we created things? What if we could simply speak our dreams and they came true?

“You are the Creator more than you realise,” the voice said loud and clear.

It was 11 November at 11am. 11/11/11.

In numerology the number 11 symbolises enlightenment and transformation. Where do I want to be for this moment? I imagined myself being up high somewhere.

Standing on the top of the Waikanae hills in the North Island of New Zealand, my eyes scanned the valley below. I was so high up that the farmland looked like a big cake sliced into rectangular sized pieces, and the town resembled a Monopoly Game board: fenced sections of land with a house here and there. There were bunches of trees sprinkled throughout like sprigs of parsley chopped up on a plate, a few areas where buildings and houses were crowded together sprinkled with parsley, with rivers squirming through the scene.

What had once been lush bush had been stripped almost bare. The land is so carved. Did we plan that? Is this what we wanted to create? Was this the intentional dream fulfilled of a carver? Or was this more like graffiti by thoughtless hands?

My eyes lifted and I gazed out at the sea beyond.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but I felt like I had seen what I needed to. I began to wander back down the hill paying attention to where I felt inclined to walk. In a meditative state I began asking questions, silently in my mind, of the deep wisdom within myself hoping to understand a bit more of this day, this timing, this moment.

“Bzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzz,” an annoying fly persisted around my head. Quickly sweeping my hand up to bat at it I shouted, “Piss off! I’m trying to have a conversation!” in my best all-knowing-wise voice.

The air fell silent. I stopped and listened for the fly. I hadn’t touched it so chances of it being gone were slim. I paused waiting for its return. But it had gone.

I haven’t noticed flies to be so obedient. I continued my dream-like walk relieved to be in peace again.

“You are the Creator more than you realise,” the voice from deep inside me said loud and clear. I was used to hearing voices and this kind of conversation was normal for me.

What does that mean: ‘more than I realise’?

I let the comment sink in beyond my logical mind where some part of me understood it. My conscious mind was working hard to catch up.

Intrigued, I continued the conversation telepathically in my mind. “Do you mean if I just spoke something that it would manifest?”

“Yes,” the voice said.

I thought for a moment as the wind brushed my hair back. “Okay, I’ll try it out on the wind,” I said sceptically with a challenge.

“Wind, please stop,” I said out loud. The wind kept blowing. “Nothing happened,” I said to the voice.

The voice replied, “Do you notice any difference in how you spoke to the fly and how you spoke to the wind?”

I wrinkled my nose feeling a bit embarrassed. But the voice had a point.

Closing my eyes I took a moment to reflect on the kind of voice I used with the fly. Then I opened my eyes and said loudly and clearly, “Wind, stop now.” In that moment, the wind slowed down. It didn’t stop completely, but it definitely slowed down.

A memory flashed in my mind of a time when I was working on a book proposal for a publisher. I was having trouble with the volume of research needed and had said out loud to an empty room, “I want some help with this.”

Within ten minutes the phone rang. “Leanne do you need help with anything? I’ve got some time on my hands.”

Was the ability to manifest as simple as that?

Am I ready for this? The question remained suspended in my being as I walked down the hill choosing my steps carefully on the loose gravel. It was one thing to want something but it was another thing to actually have it happen, and so easily. The reality of a big dream could be daunting. Sometimes it’s easier to just sit back and…let things happen.

“I am a Creator more than I realise.” I continued to mull.

If it was true that things were being fulfilled simply by my speaking, then it wasn’t a matter of choosing to create—I was creating all the time!

I thought of the farmland I had seen. Thoughtless hands? Or intentional creation?

What do I WANT to create? I put my hand on the trunk of a very tall pine tree and looked up. Even though it had many branches I could still see the sky through it.

If every thought I think and every word I say creates something, then I am going to make sure I think the thoughts I want and pay attention to the words I use that create my world.

I thought of the fly and the wind again.

Hold clear intention. Speak with authority. Relate with it like it isn’t possible for it to not happen.

As I reached the bottom of the hill the message, “You are the Creator more than you realise” was still sinking in and maybe it would do so for the rest of my life. But for now something opened inside me and I felt more awake to life. Looking up the hill where I had just been I whispered, “Thank you.”