Real & Wild You – your daring and magical inner journey
takes you on a self-coaching journey to face your inner dragons. With this Amazon international best-selling guide, you’ll access a deeper authenticity, discovering true freedom to be the courageous and fiercely compassionate being you were born to be.

It’s a daring journey that takes courage but when you take this path of opening yourself to the Real & Wild You, it’s a road that can lead to a fulfilling and satisfying life, and one that I call—magical.

Are you ready?

Real & Wild You is a masterfully crafted hand-guide, woven with true heartfelt experiences and practical wisdom.

– Stephanie Phelps, Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Healer, Teacher, Ceremonialist – White Horse Journeys

Being “real” and “wild” means being honest with yourself to depths that are uncomfortable. It invites you to step outside of your own beliefs and unhelpful cultural and social mores that have been allowed to guide your life.

Imagine being real and wild asking someone out, applying for a new job, initiating a project, starting a new business, speaking with that person in the elevator, apologizing and healing a relationship.

That’s inspiring!

REAL & WILD YOU – your daring and magical inner journey

An Amazon International Best-Seller

This self-coaching guide is a daring journey that takes courage. It calls you to be vulnerable, to be self-reflective, to take responsibility where you haven’t – basically to face your inner dragons. But when you take this path of opening yourself to the Real & Wild You, it’s a road that can lead to a fulfilling and satisfying life and what I call magic. Are you ready?

leanne standing in big blue

“Just simply reading Leanne’s book puts you into a mildly meditative state, ready to open your heart. When you couple this with the exercises, it makes for a very powerful experience.

– Kim Chamberlain, Author, award winning speaker, founding president of the Wellington National Speakers Association, founder of Chrysalis for Women

“There is no doubt in my mind that Real & Wild You is a handbook to help us live a much more courageous life!”

– Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE, Registered Psychotherapist, Author, Keynote Speaker

“Leanne has followed up her first book Open Me with this deep, insightful guide into how we can truly find ourselves and our own path to a juicy, free, wild life. Over time, life happens to us, and we regularly need to be reminded to take stock, and to invite ourselves to go deeper into ourselves. How do we live a life of purpose if we are not free within ourselves? This book is for anyone whose inner voice is asking “is this it?”, or “why am I not feeling fulfilled yet?” It answers so many other questions along the way. It is inspiring and insightful and I am glad she wrote it.”

– Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Office of the New Zealand Order of Merit

“Leanne Babcock skillfully and insightfully carries us, the readers, through the extraordinary journey of transforming our limits and fear in order to become our true and authentic self. The lessons, as well as the exercises are a powerful map to wake us up and unearth the deep wisdom within. As you read Real & Wild You let yourself be guided on this remarkable and courageous life voyage of discovering and becoming the “new” and integrated YOU!”

– Medea Bavarella Chechik, Feminine Power Coach, Transformative Therapist, Best Selling Author of Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open

“Real & Wild You challenges us to look ourselves in the eye and delivers practical, useful, easy-to-implement exercises to get at the core of ourselves and bring compassion to what we find there!”

– Darlene Stewart, Executive Director, Groups and Events, Cineplex

“Leanne Babcock is the guru of helping you dive into your innate wisdom to grow, be more mindful, and shift from inside out. Leanne’s stories and exercises in Real & Wild You are simple yet profound. An easy read where you can open to any page and find help.”

– Kaya Singer, Artist, Business mentor, Author of Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs

“Real & Wild You is an inspiring and engaging read. Leanne has a gift to use her own life experiences to clearly convey profound truths about the challenges, depth and joy of this life. At times funny and at times deeply touching, this book is a creative, helpful and practical guide to enhancing our capacity to feel, to heal, be more self-aware and self-loving.”

– Karl Baker, Founder Mindfulness Works

“The greatest and often most difficult journey we embark on, is the journey inward and moving from our heads to our hearts. Though it can be a pain-filled and humbling process, it brings with it the ability to see what we couldn’t see, hear what we were unable to hear, accept without judgement or justification, love self and others unconditionally and most of all, understand the tug within that says there is something more. Even if you have done much personal growth work and healing, Leanne’s experiences and exercises will take you deeper into your journey.”

-Paula Anstett, Author, Regional Vice President Arbonne, Vice President Kitchener / Waterloo Business Women’s Association