People I have helped

Over several decades, I have helped many wonderful people worldwide to:

  • Develop and tap into their intuition
  • Build courage, confidence, self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Find direction in their personal and professional lives
  • Overcome workplace challenges
  • Connect or reconnect with their spiritual side
  • Find inner peace, calm and happiness
  • Discover self-love
  • Cope with trauma and grief through self-healing

…and, ultimately, create a life of fulfilment.

These testimonials are from clients who have either done one-on-one sessions with me or participated in my workshops or retreats.

Creating A Life Of Fulfilment

“When I decided to attend one of Leanne’s courses I did not know what to expect. This was going to be a new experience for me. I have to say it was a truly worthwhile and enjoyable experience. I feel I have many new skills to use which can help my life be more fulfilled and happy and reduce the amount of worrying I tend to do! The techniques she teaches empower you and have seemingly endless potential to improve your journey through life. The insights she shares are interesting and significant. Leanne makes me feel relaxed, content and peaceful. But, at the same time, her words are very thought provoking and relevant. I highly recommend treating yourself to some time with Leanne and look forward to attending a retreat with her soon.”—S.W.

“I have participated in several of Leanne’s courses; each one unique and each one showing me many gifts. I mostly use these gifts as I continue my life – sometimes I forget; but they are there, whenever I want them, and my life is fuller and…easier when I do.”—S.H.

At the time I first started my journey with Leanne I was a busy Mum of 3 girls under 5. I hadn’t made ANY time for myself for many years since all my love, focus and energy went into my children and family. Though I was full of love from my family and was constantly occupied I still had many moments of feeling very unfulfilled. Life was so busy and demanding that some days it felt like I was stuck in a whirlwind. I no longer feel so unfulfilled, but instead I am so full/whole that I am overflowing with abundant light and love. Wow, that sounds airy fairy but it’s true. Because of this/your work I have become a better Mother, friend, daughter, role model and person. It is carrying over into every interaction and all relationships. I really loved your course and the amazing people who were also on it with me. From each of them and their stories I was inspired. To sum it up…I am so glad I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings of spirituality. I absolutely loved the opportunity to meet so many like minded souls. And I came to the conclusion that if I am weird then at least I am not weird alone ha ha ha…Thank you.”—S.B.


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Developing Your Intuition

“I have attended a couple of Leanne’s meditation evenings as well as an 8 week Intuition and Healing course and a weekend Shaman Retreat. I only started attending Leanne’s meet up’s 8 months ago but since I have started I have grown as a person enormously and feel stronger and better prepared for what life has to throw at me. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Leanne at the young (ish) age of 27. I honestly feel like I am better equipped to deal with all the tests life has to throw at me. The biggest thing I have taken away from the courses is the sense of calm and control I now possess. I no longer stress when presented with a situation I would have previously been uncomfortable with. Before attending these courses I would not say I was a spiritual person and you don’t need to be. Even if you are not spiritual I guarantee you will learn alot about yourself through the quietness and meditation of Leanne’s teachings, it has forced me realise I need to take time out to check in with myself instead of ignoring all those little niggles that build up inside over the months and years that you feel like you’re too busy to deal with them.If you are feeling unfulfilled or have a sense of un balance in your life then I urge you to attend one of these meditation evenings or retreats. I guarantee you will find answers to questions you may not have even known you had. Thanks Leanne for helping me guide myself through the last 8 months.”—N.L.

Building Courage, Confidence, Self-Awareness, and Mindfulness

“Your course was fantastic. I have learned so much, again ;-). Putting the lessons into practice each week, has been challenging, fun and very rewarding. I find myself liking me moreand being more patient with myself and having tools to manage situations better. I am more brave! Lots of love and a BIG thank you.”—G.H.

“Through Leanne’s coaching, I have increased my confidence and my skill setin working with groups and with individuals. It has increased my self-awareness and helped me to identify my strengths and areas I need to work on. It’s not only made a difference in the workplace but also for me personally.”—L.G.

Dealing With Workplace Challenges & Achieving extraordinary Results

“My challenge was balancing the demands of a family and a very challenging role at work. Now I am a calmer, happier, more relaxed, authentic and an open person at work and at home. I have connected to what it is I am truly about and the values I hold. Both my boss, peers, employees and family join me in thanking Leanne. The coaching was fantastic. It was a turning point for me not just in my career but as a person. I’m now more confidently demonstrating strong leadership with my managers, my colleagues and my direct reports. I highly recommend it.”—C.M.

“I had begun working with Leanne as my coach to assist me in stepping into a new challenge in my career. Life had become much more challenging than expected. With the skilled coaching, Leanne kept reflecting back to me the areas that were hard to look at and that I needed to deal with. They were reflected back to me in such a way that I began to see what I’d been blind to. I realised what was really important. It reinforced my own integrity, strengthened me inside so I could make healthy choices, and powerfully deal with situations. It was a mind blowing experience that I would highly recommend.”—B.L.


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“Having never worked with a coach before I was uncertain about what I would get. Now after only a few months, I am amazed at the difference, not only in myself but in my workplace. My mind has opened up to understand and appreciate others’ points of view and thought processes. I’m relating with people differently and I’m speaking out in a way that feels natural and is so much more effective. People around me are changing, in a good way, as a result. Leanne’s coaching style plus my personal commitment to learning and growing was instrumental in achieving such positive results. I highly recommend working with her as a coach.”— F.

“From my coaching with Leanne, I feel so much more free and confident inside, and don’t doubt myself like I used to. Although I learned a lot of invaluable management strategies (leading teams, dealing with people, being strategic, etc.), the thing I’m most proud of is, that I have a much stronger sense of who I am through all this. I put a lot into it and I got a lot out of it. I highly recommend working with a coach.”—T.K.

“Leanne’s coaching is nothing short of amazing. In just a few short sessions my attitude towards work and life has changed for the better and all I signed up for was presentation skills coaching!”—R.K.


Connecting (or Re-connecting) With Your Spiritual Side

My first 10-week course with Leanne had a profound impact on my life. Within our very first meeting I realized how lost/separated I had become from my spiritually. Which once was so incredibly important to me and was abundant when I traveled the world and had endless hours to spend on myself and personal growth. Leanne’s course had me instantly STOP, become present in the moment and all the moments that follow, I become more appreciative, more open in my heart and thoughts, honest with myself and reconnected with my inner self, and nature.She gave me endless skills, practices, words of wisdom, unconditional love and motivation to heal myself, my family, friends and the world around me. I feel I am much more grounded.Being part of an evening class or a retreat with Leanne is life-changing. Her warm and compassionate approach made me feel welcome and open to new experiences. With her guidance and passion, I have discovered and allowed the connection to Spirit to flow, and have found a sense of peace which has not left me. I highly recommend Leanne’s courses & know that each one will bring many insights and growth. Thank you Leanne for sharing your work.”—S.B.

“I have taken several classes with Leanne and they have all been uplifting, but the one that stands out the most is the Shaman Weekend Workshop. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first as I didn’t know anything about Leanne. Not only was blown I away by this class but I found myself signing up for every other class that she offered. I couldn’t get enough of her knowledge, experience and it seemed that every lesson offered something concrete that I could take home and to work on to continue my spiritual advancement.I remember leaving the weekend with a sense of peace and well-belng that made my heart smile. I was just glowing with an inner sense of contentment and the knowledge that I had just started my own spiritual journey with a very caring and loving teacher. Everyone in our group felt this way and some of us continue to be in touch. I made close friends in just that weekend and I’m sure some of them will be lifelong friends. I would definitely recommend starting or continuing your spiritual evolution with Leanne as one of your spiritual guides.”—A.F.

Finding Direction

“The coaching experience with Leanne has been very fulfilling, insightful, and enjoyable. It has helped me get a much more clear idea about what I want,and has helped me to feel my own value as a human being. I’m inspired by so many brilliant ideas of what I could do next, that I feel that anything is possible.”—C.L.


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Finding Inner Peace, Calm And Happiness

“When life is fast, these courses are truly wonderful to bring you back to a more restful place, a place where you can raise your awareness and start to create a life that you were meant to live. At the beginning, some of the concepts challenged my corporate thinking, but by the end of my first course I stopped thinking and started listening. Listening to life, listening to my heart. Thank you Leanne for keeping me on the road to peace in a hectic world.”—M.S. (mother, worker, daughter, chief cook and bottle washer….and now meditation enthusiast)

“Leanne is truly a teacher of spirit. I have attended many of her courses and three of her weekend retreats. From the moment I step into the room, the mask is put aside and the sense of peace and belonging prevails.Leanne’s gentle approach encourages one to tiptoe into areas of new self-discovery and to connect with the realness of who we really are. It is a time where one can sit in harmony with like-minded friends and freely discuss lifes wonders. The Shaman retreats are a weekend of nourishment for the body and soul, a time to walk and talk with nature and allow freedom gently finds its way back to the heart. If your heart calls for lightness, love and laughter then I would truly recommend time with Leanne.”—H.H.

“I have attended several of Leanne’s courses during the last eighteen months, all of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from. I now have a new sense of inner calm and I am no longer fearful of life, like I once was.Leanne is a great facilitator and always creates a warm and nourishing environment for meditation and healing. I particularly enjoyed the Shaman weekend, which left me floating on air for weeks afterwards. I felt fantastic!”—L.M.

“I have attended three of Leanne’s courses in the past year. I enjoyed the first one I did so much, i signed up for another two. I found great benefit in knowing that one night a week I would practice meditation and calm my mind. As a beginner, I had always found it difficult to quiet down my thoughts, and through regular practice I was able to come a long way.Under Leanne’s wise and loving guidance, the courses themselves were very useful, and I have found that I am still regularly using the tools I learned.”—B.R.

“I have attended three courses run by Leanne. From these I have gained an understanding and trust in my connection to all that is. With this has come a belief in myself, confidence, strength, a sense of peace and joy. I am incredibly grateful to Leanne for guiding me, sharing herself, and her great knowledge and wisdom with such clarity, love and humour.”—K.G.

Discovering Self Love

“I have been blessed having Leanne’s course recommended to me. I could see the personal development in myself after one course and felt the need to continue! I am loving life more than I have ever experienced in the past. We were asked to set an intention at the begining of the course mine was ‘love myself unconditionally’, as we grow up in life many conditions are placed on us often unintentionally however we become critical of our selves. Leanne has the ability to teach unconditional love and many practical ways of living to make the most out of our day. Trusting Leanne completely I journeyed into my first Shaman weekend which was spectacular on so many levels. The people I met were amazing, a massive amount of fun and laughter and again morehealing and therefore growth for myself. I can highly recommend any course, meditation evening, weekend retreat that Leanne may offer.”—A.A.

“Some incredibly valuable skills one of the courses taught me was how to process negativity from others and negative situations. How not to absorb or be absorbed by it, but instead how to turn situations around to the positive. But most importantly how to remove negativity from within myself. How to counteract my negative thoughts and how to speak to myself kindly. I know that might sound weird to some of you but I don’t know how else to describe it. I am no longer critical of myself in my thoughts, or secretly judgmental of others. I am no longer hard on myself like I used to be. I now talk to myself kindly with love and support,and I have also learnt how to remove/prevent enormous amounts of stress in my life.”—S.B.


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Coping With Trauma / Grief – Self Healing

“I have attended several of Leanne’s courses over a period of about 18 months. She has guided and encouraged me at every step on a spiritual journey that has transformed me. In particular I am grateful to her, and to the participants of the latest course I attended, for the miraculous healing I experienced during our time together. Leanne creates a safe environment for the deepest of soul journeys and facilitates personal healing not only through her own wisdom and light, but by revealing the healer in all of us.”—A.E.

“What I experienced was an amazing journey of self-exploration. The magic of this course for me, was that I had the gift of time and the space toheal myself from the challenges of everyday life.Leanne has a unique ability to bring together energy, spirit and intent to create a series of powerful sessions.”—R.S.

“I have spent many years in my life learning to cope with traumas from my childhood and adolescence. I considered myself a very positive person with no major issues. When I did the meditations in class I was over whelmed with gut wrenching sadness and pain. I obviously hadn’t fixed all my past problems because when my subconscious was accessed it all came to the surface. Leanne offered me the opportunity to work on it further with her. Within a private session she took me on a journey through my past to a place of profound deep healing and forgiveness to my inner self. I was gob smacked. In one session Leanne helped heal my personal rubbish that I had carried around and allowed to burdened me for 15 years. She gave me tools to combat the memories and real practices that I carry with me into everyday life.”—S.B.

“Just want to say thanks for the Shaman weekend retreat you ran, and also your 6-week course. When I first met you my teenage daughter had not long passed of terminal illness, and my life was full of grief and pain. I didn’t feel you wanted to change me, my grief or my pain, but just to add kindness and light to see me thru the rough time. With so much light I was able to re-connect with my heart and feel the strong love my daughter and I have for each other. I am very grateful.”—H.R.

…And A Few Other Kind Words

“As a workshop leader, Leanne guides each person into having confidence in their own knowing. She does not seek to be the ‘all-knowing’ tutor, instead her working hand-in-hand with her guides, and her caring of her participants, shows a maturity not often found in many workshop leaders. Guided healing strategies reassure the beginner that what they experience is wholesome and something that they can build upon.”—H.G.

“I feel very blessed to have connected with Leanne and to have done quite a few courses with her from intuition to advanced healing plus participating in one of her fabulous Shaman Weekend Retreats. Her facilitation skills are excellent and everyone in the groups I’ve participated with have come away feeling uplifted, more empowered and keen and eager to learn more. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Leanne.If you’ve been contemplating learning more about or adding more meditation into your life then you’ll find Leanne’s voice is so soothing. I’ve done a lot of meditation and have yet to come across anyone to match her guided meditations.”—F.C.

“Leanne is a gifted teacher, I admire her greatly and am greatly enriched by each of the 3 courses I have taken with her. The last one was the Shaman weekend, she opened a new world to me with gentleness and love and great skill.”—B.C.

“I enjoy your teaching style – warm, relaxed, inclusive, informative, and your ability to handle the unusual experiences,all honed and developed over decades. Would love to do more when you come to Auckland again.”—M.R.

“I gained from Leanne’s course, meetings and fabulous meditations, new tools and insights into another side of life.”–H.L.


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