So, you are successful.

For the most part you know what you want. You have achieved some really great things.


Something’s missing.

And you know that.

Maybe you feel you could go deeper, fly higher, be bigger, be wilder. Maybe there’s an area in your life you haven’t been addressing.

Sometimes you feel stuck, that it’s hopeless. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself it doesn’t matter.

But that doesn’t work anymore because it does matter.

You’ve decided it’s time. Now. To deal with this.


Now, you are ready for the WOMAN BEAT YOUR DRUM coaching program.

This program, designed to release limiting beliefs, will entice an expansion of your authentic, vital self, freeing you to take more desired actions in your life and daring you to fulfill what is truly in your heart.

The coaching program is offered in an intensive 12-session package or a 8-session package.

Interested to know more?

Let’s start with a free 45-minute consultation.

We’ll talk about where you are now, where you want to be, and what’s missing. By the end of this session you’ll be clearer about what to do next.

To arrange for this email me and say, “book me in for my free consultation” and I will!


“Leanne’s energy is incredible – so wise, grounded and nurturing, which was exactly the kind of juice I was looking for!  I have not only let go of many beliefs that were holding me back, but I have let go of my part time job and have now jumped fully into embracing my business.  It has opened my mind to new ways of seeing things, trusting my instincts, getting out in nature more regularly and listening deeply.”
Lisa Conroy, Director of Happiness at Box of Chocolates



“The programme with Leanne not only helped me get really clear about what kind of life I wanted to create but also gave me tools and techniques to feel confident and authentically “me” in lots of new situations and meeting many new people. Leanne’s ability to ‘hold the space’ while helping me clear blockages and open to my true self was simply awe-inspiring. I learned so much from her. It has been truly transforming for me.”
Kathy McVey, External communications manager at Fire and Emergency New Zealand



“When I let go of my music dream I felt lost and didn’t know what was next. Leanne helped me re-define my strengths and peel back the layers to discover the real me. She was a generous listener, a wise counsel and offered just the right amount of encouragement when I needed it. Without the gentle push Leanne gave me to write my book I know for sure that it would still be just a pile of sad memories buried in the back of my mind. I highly recommend working with Leanne – she’s a life-changer!”
Lisa Nimmo, Author – Blame It On Abba – How I ditched my day job to chase a childhood dream



“Please accept my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the difference your programme has made to my life. Not only has it been the highlight of my year, it also contained many keys for me for achieving greater success in my personal and business activities. I can genuinely say that I have attained more clarity and direction in my life since completing this programme. I feel empowered and clear that I am master of my own destiny!”
Carol Denny, Kiwibank


Take your first step. Email me to book your 45-minute consultation. It’s free!


“Working with Leanne is truly an inspiring personal journey, where she guides you under the warm wings of her wisdom to explore, discover and cherish the true essence of who you already are. Leanne enables you to soar above the currents of personal recognition and acceptance and into the possibility of your lifetime.”
Paula Brown, Learning and Development Facilitator



“I have attended several of Leanne’s programmes. She has guided and encouraged me at every step on a spiritual journey that has transformed me. Leanne creates a safe environment for the deepest of soul journeys and facilitates personal healing not only through her own wisdom and light, but by revealing the power in all of us.”
Annette Esquenet, Director of the Esquenet Household, Singer and Song Writer and Mother of 3 & Barefoot Gypsy