Unknowable Reality

Maybe for the first time we are faced with reality….Think about it.

Before this pandemic hit, most of us related with tomorrow like it was just going to be there. I knew what was going to happen tomorrow because my diary told me! I made plans and booked appointments assuming they would happen.

I related with my future like it was certain. My mom would call me and if I was busy I’d say, “mom I can’t talk now, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

But the reality is that we don’t know what is going to happen in the next moment. This has always been true. Life, by its nature, is unknowable. But that then leaves us with uncertainty and this poses a problem for us humans.

Not knowing how something will turn out can be scary. Our fear can even hold us back from taking the next step. But we are clever, so in order to deal with the discomfort of uncertainty, our brains create the illusion of certainty. So we close the curtains in our brains and pretend we know what will happen tomorrow.

But the curtains have been swept aside. The sky of reality is revealed.

And here we are…we want to KNOW. We want to KNOW what will happen with our jobs, our businesses, our lives in and after this pandemic.

You want to KNOW what WILL happen. We’ve always wanted that.

And herein lies the PROBLEM…in SEARCHING for the KNOWING.  The pre-occupation for HAVING TO KNOW, distracts from being present with… reality…which KEEPS FEAR there.

Let’s look even closer. WHEN do we know something for certain? We can only KNOW it AFTER it happens. So we can only KNOW in the past…but even that is subject to interpretation and I’ve learned you can change your past…not the facts of what happened but the meaning we give it.

So now with the pandemic in full swing, we are confronted with the reality that’s always been there…the UNKNOWABLE future now…and we can’t really know what’s next.

But what is it that we really want in our desperate attempts to know?

We want to know so we can plan, strategize and FEEL SECURE….and we think by planning and strategizing that that will give us that feeling of comfort that all is well. And while – signing that contract, planning out your next 6 months, getting that job, getting married – might seem to give you the feeling of security, you know it won’t last.

So maybe that isn’t where the feeling of security really exists and maybe there is another KNOWING that does.

Consider there is a knowing deep inside you. A knowing that is connected with ALL THAT IS and is a part of you. You could even say that it is who you really are…at the core of your being. This is where you know, where you feel at peace and where you know everything is and is going to be all right….even if at a conscious level that doesn’t make sense and your mind can’t figure this out.

This KNOWING is beyond your rational thinking mind.

You access your inner knowing when you slow down, when you go in nature, when you meditate.

This is in your hands.

You got this.

And I love you.

Love Leanne xo