I put on my yellow skirt. I wanted to look nice rather than be in my blue jeans. Walking down the street I carried a copy of my book and the Open Me information sheet for the book store. My plan was to walk into book stores and ask them if I could do a book reading and sell some books. I didn’t have a publishing company or Public Relations person (yet) or project manager setting it all up. I figured I would take it one step at a time and keep listening to my intuition.

Just like it didn’t feel like the time to leave Wolfville yet, so I was listening to that. I had already been in this small town for 3 days and it (the town) wanted me to stay longer. But it did feel like time to move from Sue and David’s place. I could go to a camp site. I could wander a bit along the coast to discover some free camping. Nothing felt clear so I didn’t do anything, even on the third day. I actually felt quite relaxed, even though I didn’t know where I would sleep that night.

Then an email came in my inbox with an invite for accommodation and to plug in my camper in Wolfville. Perfect!

This journey was proving to be one of trust and most times not knowing until the last minute what I was doing or where I was going. Sometimes this was quite unnerving. It was work in progress, and I was getting better.

Here’s photo of the downtown in Wolfville.

Feeling the support of my Birkenstock sandals on my feet as I walked, I took in a nice deep breath feeling grateful for friends, networks, and friends I was yet to meet. My attention moved back to where I was headed—the book store.

I had been putting this off. I could have gone the day before but I didn’t. And I had planned to go the day before that, but I didn’t. I took a nice deep breath into the centre of my chest. You’ll be fine. Just be natural.

It was interesting how many courses I had taken and people I had coached specifically around confidence and self-doubt. And it could still catch me. I knew everything would be okay. I knew I would eventually take action. But that hesitation…

Not now though. I was heading straight to Box of Delights, the book store. Here’s photo of the shop.

I reached for the door handle and pulled. My heart rose a little higher in my throat.

“Can I help you find something?”

“You probably can,” I said smiling and relaxed.

After 15 minutes of chatting with the young man managing the shop he said, “I’d love to sell your book here and I’m pretty sure we can do something but it will be up to the owner of the shop. She’s back on Monday.”

It was Wednesday and I was pretty sure I would have left the town by Monday, so I left things in his capable hands. I would pass through Wolfville again in 2 or 3 weeks so the book reading could be for then if it was confirmed.

Whatever happens happens. My whole body smiled as I left the shop. I did it. I walked into my first book shop. I could do another now.

What are my plans after Wolfville? I have learned that I can’t tell you my plans as the universe has its own plans for me. My ‘intention’ is to take most of the month of September to explore Nova Scotia. Why? I don’t know. That’s what I feel inclined to do. I have discovered that my great grandmother was from the Mi’qmaw First Nation tribe. My great grandfather was French or Acadian. Here in Nova Scotia is where a lot of the Mi’qmaw tribe reside as well as there is substantial settlement of French people here. Maybe I am feeling some roots here.

Trust. Listen. Let go. Trust. Listen. Let go. Listen. Trust.

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Until the next time,

Love Leanne xo