The Intuition Program


6 weeks starting November 12th

3.00pm – 5.00pm Eastern Time

12.00 pm PT /  8.00pm UK /  9.00am Nov 13th NZ

Everyone is intuitive.

It is our natural ability and it makes sense.

You have a physical body, and YOU are consciousness (or energy) channeling through your physical body. Energy channels through everything. Technology is so advanced now that photos can be taken of this phenomenon.

So, if energy channels through everything and you are also energy, then you have the ability to “pick up” on the energy around you.

Your ability to pick up and to “sense” this energy is your intuition. Maybe you pick up on feelings. Maybe you “hear” messages or “see” images in your head. You can also sometimes just “know” something and you can’t explain how or why.

These are different intuition channels. As you practice these, you develop them and understand more how they work and how natural it really is.

For 6 weeks, you’ll practice and expand your awareness of how your intuition works.

The course is for women who want to…

trust themselves more

practice developing their intuition

keep expanding their consciousness

explore who they are

During these 6 weeks, you’ll learn tools to practice:

Telepathy – ability to pick up on another’s thoughts

Psychometry – ability to sense energy connected with an object

Automatic Writing – ability to channel messages through writing

Energy healing – ability to direct energy to assist in the healing process

Shape shifting – ability to change the shape of your body to become an animal, for example

Clear-seeing – ability to “see” messages with your physical eyes closed

Clear-hearing – ability to “hear” messages in your head

Clear-knowing – ability to “know” a message without being able to explain it

Clear-feeling – ability to pick up on feelings that are not yours

Each week will be different tools and different practices to take home.

Intuition Program Introduction:

What people say about my intuition courses…

“These [intuition] courses have given me wonderful insights, confidence, & belief in myself. I have learnt fabulous healing tools that I use regularly. I recommend any of Leanne’s courses.”

Toni – Bowen Practitioner

“Leanne creates a safe environment for the deepest of soul journeys and facilitates personal healing not
only through her own wisdom and light, but by revealing the healer in all of us.”

Annette – singer, song writer / mother



Since a very young age, Leanne saw auras, apparitions, heard voices and picked up on others feelings. From the age of 12, she began taking courses to develop her intuition and at 13 began teaching. Leanne ran intuition development and energy healing courses for many years in North America and New Zealand… and now online to participants around the world.

Also trained in neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, ontological coaching, multiple-brain integration and shamanism.

The Intuition Program


6 weeks starting November 12th

3.00pm – 5.00pm Eastern Time

12.00 pm PT /  8.00pm UK /  9.00am Nov 13th NZ