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A motivational speaker for more than 20 years, Leanne’s engaging story-telling style brings people along the journey with her offering insights and new perspectives.

Whether it is a workshop, a women’s networking event, a conference or an expo, people are impacted by her messages.

“Deep, powerful, intriguing”

“It truly relaxed me. My continuous headache went away. I forgot where I was.”

“Interesting. I love how interactive it was.”

“Great! Very simple, direct and powerful.”

You can choose from a selection of topics:


The Betrayal of Comfort and The Allure of Courage

We don’t realise it but comfort can be an addiction. Fear can drive us to stay there and hold on – a recipe for suffering. Sometimes we want to let go and we can imagine ourselves daring to take the action beyond the comfort. Maybe we feel the freedom of the possibility. Maybe we feel the fear.

Explore the conflict inside and which choice will win: freedom or fear?

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Comfort is an addiction….

You’re comfortable. Right? Things are familiar. So what if things aren’t really great. Maybe you tell yourself it doesn’t matter. But you’ve been saying that for a while and it doesn’t work anymore because… it does… matter. You know staying in this ‘comfort’ that something inside you is dying. Something is shaking up inside. And you feel the desire to take action. But… what if it doesn’t work out?

The fear of stepping into what we don’t know.

In this 1 hour talk, you will leave with 3 key points defining what courage really is, different from what you thought. I will delve into the conversation of how our comfort zone is the place where dreams go to die. By the end, you’ll feel uplifted and inspired to take some action.

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Inner Wisdom

Embrace Your Inner Woo and Unlock Your Intuitive Genius

Everybody’s intuitive and there is nothing woo-woo about it. It’s natural to ‘sense’ information that is sourced beyond our logical, thinking mind. Imagine having access to greater wisdom when making decisions and simply living your life.

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Everyone is intuitive and there is nothing weird or woo-woo about that. Intuition is the natural ability to pick up on the energy inside and around us. Tapping into this resource means we can access information about our bodies, our purpose, our truth. This expands our wisdom. Imagine having access to greater wisdom when making decisions and simply living your life.

In this 1 hour talk, you’ll take away a 5-step framework for accessing your intuitive genius. We’ll explore the value of working with your intuition, how yours works and how to access it.

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A Love Affair of One

3 Strategies to Romance Yourself Whole Again

Only one person can bring you down. Only one person can build you up. In the many years’ experience of working with clients and the coaching I have received, every issue dealt with always drilled down a lack of self-worth and self-love. This points to, loving yourself is key to everything. But just how does one go about loving oneself?

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Have you ever spoken harsh words to yourself? Would you ever speak with a dear friend like that? Only one person can bring you down. Only one person can build you up.

That one person isn’t your parents and it isn’t a loved one. It’s YOU. I have found that if we want to live a fulfilling life, we must learn to build a loving relationship with ourselves. As long as we keep looking for someone else to give us the love we want, no matter how good we feel at the time, that love will never be enough. Someone else’s love can never fill the hole inside caused by the wound of not feeling loved. The only person who can heal that wound and fill your cup with love is YOU. When you do this work, you will feel all the love you have been longing for.

In this 1 hour talk, you’ll take away 3 valuable key points to loving yourself. We will delve into the shadow and the light of self-worth. Not only will you take away some powerful tools for practicing self-love but you’ll also leave with a feeling of peace and appreciation for yourself.

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“One of the speakers on the main stage at the 2019 Spring Edmonton Woman’s Show, Leanne is a skilled speaker and writer. Her book, Open Me, was captivating – a true storytelling adventure.  We would definitely welcome her back.”

Augusta, Assistant Show Producer

“Leanne is an engaging speaker. Her passion fills the room. Her courage to do what some people only dream of creates curiosity and intrigue. It leaves everyone inspired to live true to their inner nudge…..whatever it may be.”

Paula, Vice President, KW Business Women’s Association