You are totally unique from anyone else in the world. No one has your finger prints, your eyes, your voice. You have a way of being in the world that no one else has. Maybe some of your mannerisms are similar to someone else’s, but you still have your way of doing them.

Imagine that this uniqueness carries into your whole life and that you have a specific purpose, a reason for being here, that is exclusive to you.

What is your purpose? What is your gift?

Discover your unique purpose in this 90-minute one-on-one session with Leanne.

You will also receive your powerful and magical Life Purpose Statement.

Cost: $150



What people have said from one-on-one work with Leanne:

The coaching experience with Leanne has been very fulfilling, insightful, and enjoyable. It has helped me get a much more clear idea about what I want, and has helped me to feel my own value as a human being. I’m inspired by so many brilliant ideas of what I could do next, that I feel that anything is possible.—C.L.

I first sought out Leanne for her leadership coaching skills then again more recently to deal with some major life changes. Subtle, powerful and effective, Leanne’s insight is massive. The grace she radiates on all levels of her being and in her communication reaches in deeply.—K.S.

I had begun working with Leanne as my coach to assist me in stepping into a new challenge in my career. Life had become much more challenging than expected. With the skilled coaching, Leanne kept reflecting back to me the areas that were hard to look at and that I needed to deal with. They were reflected back to me in such a way that I began to see what I’d been blind to. I realised what was really important. It reinforced my own integrity, strengthened me inside so I could make healthy choices, and powerfully deal with situations. It was a mind blowing experience that I would highly recommend.—B.L.

From my coaching with Leanne, I feel so much more free and confident inside, and don’t doubt myself like I used to. Although I learned a lot of invaluable management strategies, the thing I’m most proud of is, that I have a much stronger sense of who I am through all this.—T.K.