“Leanne had it all—the relationship, the career, the dream home and lifestyle—what more could she want? But in spite of ‘having it all,’ her heart was longing for something else. Tormented and guilt-ridden by the thought of hurting loved ones, terrified of other people’s judgement, what could she do? 

Open Me tells the story of how Leanne listened to her heart, followed her inner truth, and found her way—to freedom.”

Open Me, released in 2017, tells my personal story of going from fear to freedom. It’s a story of trust—busting through self-doubt—and the courage to follow one’s heart.


Here’s what Facebook posts are saying:

“Wow. The book is lovely… so true and touching. I’m picking it up at every spare moment. Well done.”

“I’m loving the book. Thank you sister.”

“I’m already half way through the book and loving it xoxox”

“Perched with a coffee about to dive into chapter 12 . “

“I sat down to read, thinking I’d do the first chapter…chapter 9 I looked up when someone said something…not important…chapter 18 (loo break, blew nose, wiped eyes). All finished now. Thank you for being such an inspiration and so generous. So much resonated with me. Now the cover makes sense!  Love your work!”

“Your book is such a page turner, I’m up to page 161 already!! ”

“Wherever you may be in the world right now Leanne, thank you so much for writing this part of the story. I feel so much. But mostly a depth of gratitude and appreciation.”

“An inspiring evening and book. I love the book Leanne. Read it cover to cover in 3 evenings, so compelling to read your story, your writing style, and feel my own resonance with your experiences. Thank you Thank you big love to you dear sister xxxx”

Other comments

“Open Me is a coming of age story of a woman discovering her ability to choose for herself, and be okay with those choices.  It is a cultural story, one where the impression of the role of woman runs deep in the veins.  ‘Be the woman, wife, partner, daughter’ that is expected – don’t rock the boat.  Self-realization is exactly that – rocking the boat!

Paying attention to, and collaborating with, the voices of nature reveals support in unexpected places.

Sometimes you have to spend decades away from home before you discover that home is that place where you can most authentically be yourself. Sometimes that takes you back to your roots.  And discovering that no matter how much you run away, you can never outrun yourself.

Beautiful, touching, memorable.  Every woman on a journey of self-discovery will relate to this book.  Every man wanting to understand woman will gain from these pages.

Thanks again for your inspiring read.”

Donna Nett – Labyrinth Guide, Intuitive Healer, Ceremonialist, Candlemaker – Nelson, BC

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Book reviews

“Open Me is a brave, honest, touching and wildly adventurous true story. Leanne emerges from each page as a spiritual pied-piper, teaching us how to ask and listen, trust and let go.”—Darlene Stewart, Executive Director, Groups & Events, Cineplex

“Poignant, funny and inspiring, Open Me is a revealing and insightful memoir about finding the courage to choose and the wisdom to surrender.”—Catherine Cooper, author, White Elephant


A passage from my book:

“It’s not a place that attracts me right now,” I said, and immediately I felt stronger inside and I knew I had made the right choice.

In London, Aaron walked me to the bus station and showed me the bus I needed to catch. He took care of me right to the last moment.

We hugged and held each other.

When we pulled apart and said good-bye, I looked up into his face, and from the very depths of my heart I said, “Thank you,” as tears welled in my eyes.

I was so grateful that he had been there on the first part of my journey.

He had provided so much support, more than he would ever know.

“Let me know if you are thinking of Greece after your conference,” he said.

I nodded but I knew I wouldn’t.

As one journey ended, the next one was about to begin.


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