Thank you!


A huge thank you to the people who put their hands up to be my “co-pilots” in helping me launch my book.


Open Me was a global effort on many accounts—I couldn’t have done this without all of you!


Jessica Smalls

Spiritual Development Specialist and Author (Canada)

Jessica is an apprenticing Shaman of the Lakota Sioux tradition. Through Budding Hearts Academy, she helps people connect to their spirit and empower themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is also an author, having recently launched her first book Foundation of Fire: How to step into your personal power and manifest your dreams.

Shelley Schanzenbacher – Canada

Engagement Catalyst and Coach (Canada)

An inspired life is a life lived from the heart. Shelley believes that at the heart of all relationship are vulnerability, connection, honesty and love. Working from a place of deep listening, Shelley walks alongside her clients as they gain clarity around the heart of the matter as an individual.

Contact Shelley at


Pavitra Gurumurthi – Australia

Leadership Coach (Australia)

Pavitra is passionate about helping people understand the language of their emotions and accessing their true leadership potential. She believes every emotion we experience—especially those that make us extremely uncomfortable—has a purpose for deeper exploration. Pavitra enjoys mentoring, coaching and giving inspirational talks to help people re-establish a connection with their true self.

Visit Pavitra’s website here


Nicola Haines Ramsay – United Kingdom

Installation Artist, Interior Design Architect and Teacher (United Kingdom)

With 25 years experience in the creative industry, Nicola draws on her background in Interior Design Architecture to create large scale permanent and semi permanent landscape sculptures. Her use of medium is diverse, ranging from fibre optics, plastics and metal to perlite, depending on the project. Commissioned to design sculptural installations for Festivals, Events and landscapes in New Zealand for the past 10 years, she is now based in the UK.

Visit Nicola’s website here


Thank you as well to the following wonderful people:

  • Liz Hietkamp—IT Project Manager (Canada)
  • Bonita Gionet—IT Project Manager (Canada)
  • Indigo Scott—Psychotherapist (New Zealand)
  • Edi Szentirmay—Education Coordinator (New Zealand)