I’m on the move!


In mid-2017, I moved halfway around the world back to Canada, after living in New Zealand for 28 years.

Now, I’m in the middle of an eighteen month national book tour/road show around Canada and the US.

It’s hard to say what my plans are. So I can’t tell you exactly where I will be and when I will be there, at least not too far in advance—as the universe has its own plans for me. It’s my job to trust, listen, and let go. And that is what I am doing!

This is definitely an exciting adventure!


Follow me on my journey

I am giving talks and workshops throughout my travels, and notifying you of my appearances,  through my personal Facebook page and my Open Me Facebook page.

Or maybe you want me to come to you! Bring the people and I will be there. Book me for a book reading event. I promise you it will be MORE than a book reading!


Here’s my schedule

September, October & November 2018 – Ontario

May 2018 – Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

April 2018 – British Columbia

March 2018 – California

February 2018 – Texas, Arizona, New Mexico

January 2018 – Florida

December 2017 – Florida

November 2017 – Ontario, Florida

October 2017 – Ontario

September 2017 – Nova Scotia

August 2017 – Ontario, Quebec

July 2017 – Ontario